Best Toddler Gloves

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One of the hardest things probably is finding a good pair of mittens or gloves for your toddler. Even greater is keeping gloves or mittens on these tiny hands, as they try to take them off constantly to explore and play.

Well, in this article, I have considered all and found some of the best available Gloves and Mittens for your Toddler.

Reviews: The Best Toddler Gloves

Here we have some fabulous and comfortable Gloves available in toddler sizes;
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Reviewed by: John Max Score: 98.8

The North Face Mitten for toddlers is one of the best options for freezing weather and snow conditions.
  • You can choose between a black or a pink color option in the Northface winter Mitten.
  • The shell is waterproof and insulated with DryVent 2 Technology.
  • Inside is a HeatSeeker insulation technology material, for warmth and comfort.
  • There is a zip closure for a snug and non-removable fit hook and a loop closure that fits across the wrists.
  • These are also ideal for toddlers because they cannot take them off.


Gelante® Unisex Winter Knitted Gloves for Toddlers

The Gelnate Glove is available for children two to six years of age and comes in many color varieties and prints.
  • It is knitted from soft and durable acrylic with spandex for flexibility.
  • The Gloves are durable, easy to wear for little hands, and offer a snug and size fitting option.
  • You can get a few pairs in many colors that are available for your little one.
  • The glance Gloves are ideal for cold winter months.


HEAD® Unisex Thermal Fleece Toddler Mittens

I recommend the HEAD thermal Mittens for toddlers for those freezing winters and snow.
Please note that this size is for 1 to 2-year-olds.
  • The Mitten consists of plush fleece materials.
  • Inside, the mitten is insulated with warm thick fleece material.
  • It is a durable reinforced material on the palm and fingers for improved grip.
  • Around the wrist is an adjustable, secure closure for a snug fit.
  • The mitten is available in a solid black color option.


Nike® Unisex Swoosh Gloves and Hat Set for Toddlers

Nike® is a well-trusted brand, and that is why we love their hat and glove sets for toddlers.
  • Nike’s hat and glove set comes in a huge range of colors and patterns for boys and girls.
  • What I love is that these are all-season Gloves for those in-between springs and autumns when you only need a little extra warmth.
  • The materials and fabric used in the gloves and hat are very soft and durable and come in sizes ideal for little hands.
  • I would, however, recommend these sets for older toddlers in larger sizes.


Menoly® Unisex Magic Stretch Flexible Toddler Mittens

The Menoly mittens for Toddlers also come in a huge range of color options and prints for boys and girls.
  • High-quality soft acrylic and spandex are used in the Menoly Mittens for a soft texture and stretchable design.
  • Many colors are available from which you can choose.
  • Because they are budget-friendly Mittens, you can also invest in two or more pairs.
  • The Magic Trestch design allows for better flexibility and a more comfortable fit for little hands.

Toddler Gloves and Mittens

Let’s admit it there’s nothing as cute as those tiny little toddler hands in a pair of colorful and fun gloves or mittens. However, finding the right Glove or Mitten for a young toddler can be quite an epic quest.

With the huge array of options out there, it is not just as easy as going to the store and picking a pair, so here I have listed a few main concerns that need to be addressed before you decide on the perfect pair of gloves or mittens for your toddler;

  • Keeping Them On – One of my biggest concerns with my two toddlers is keeping their gloves on their hands. It helps if you get a glove or mitten with some closure that they cannot open themselves or get a snug fit that does not slip off easily.
  • Cold Weather or In Between – Where I live, the temperatures rarely get to an extreme, and we do not have snow, so for our winters, a simple knitted Glove or mitten or fleece design will suffice. However, if you live in an area where it snows, and temperatures get very low, I would recommend looking at something wind and waterproof on the outside, with some form of insulation on the inside.
  • Sizes – Sizing is quite essential as most gloves and mittens come ins standard size s for specific ages. We all know that all children do not fit the recommended sizes for their age group, and therefore it is essential to take measurements and fit the gloves and mittens if you can.
  • Materails – Little hands are soft and fragile and easily become irritated. Materials used should not be hard and scratchy, with no labels or parts that can irritate them. Also, make sure that the glove offers some form of breathability so that their hands do not get sweaty.

Some Tips on Keeping Your Toddlers Gloves On

On the subject of keeping Gloves and Mittens on tiny hands that just want them off, here are a few easy tips;
Best Toddler Gloves

  • Mittens Over The Coat – Try to get a Mitten design that can go over the sleeves of your child’s coat this gives better control and fit to keep them on snugly.
  • Cinching Them Down – Try to get a Glove or mitten with a strap or hook and loop closure that you can close so that your toddler cannot pull them off.
  • Get Your Child The Gloves They Want – If you get a fun and colorful glove or mitten with a character your child loves or a print that they enjoy, they are much more willing to wear them. You could even let them choose their colors and designs.

Mittens Vs Gloves for a Toddler

Then I want to get to the point where which is better between Mittens or Gloves for young children;

Mittens are a warmer option because your fingers are held together, generating body heat. Thus they are ideal for much colder weather and outdoor trips. Keep in mind that they lack dexterity, and your little child will not be able to use their fingers for grasping and picking.

Gloves are designed for more freedom of movement and agility, so your child can play as they please. However, most glove designs do not offer the warmth of a Mitten and thus are more suitable for less icy weather and not for snow conditions.

Features of a Good Toddler Glove

Best Toddler Gloves

  • Breathability – As Toddlers are very busy, it is necessary to look for materials that are lightweight and have some breathability when selecting a Glove or Mitten. Wool, Acrylic, and cotton materials are a good choice.
  • Wind Protection – In very cold conditions, wind protection becomes necessary. A windproof material on the outside of the glove or mitten can help keep cold weather out and heat in.
  • Insulation – This is more prevalent in a Mitten, where you will usually find some form of fleece or warmest insulator materials on the inside of the Mitten or Glove.
  • Water Resistance – Water-resistant or Waterproof materials on the outside are ideal for keeping little hands dry. Gore-Tex or Softshell technology offers excellent waterproofing, and fleece has some water resistance.

Index Table: Top Rated Toddler Gloves

1The North face Unisex Mitt - Mittens for Toddlers
  • Insulated
  • Extreme Cold Weather resistant
  • Black or Pink
The North face98.8
2Gelante Unisex Winter - Knitted Gloves for Toddlers
  • Stretchable
  • Many Colors
  • Kniited
3HEAD Unisex Thermal - Fleece Toddler Mittens
  • Fleece Lined
  • Thermal
  • Adjustable Wrist
4Nike Unisex Swoosh - Gloves and Hat Set for Toddlers
  • Set
  • many Colors
  • All seasons
  • Soft fabric
5Menoly Unisex Magic Stretch - Flexible Toddler Mittens
  • Knit
  • Flexible
  • Many Colors

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