Best Latex Glove Brands

Latex Gloves offer liquid protection like no other and are the cleanest form of protection you will find.

A good pair of single-use latex gloves will give you a comfortable and flexible fit with durable, lasting protection.

Latex Gloves and Their Benefits

Latex Gloves are a viable option for many doctors and physicians that are made from natural Latex from the rubber tree, which offers excellent allergy resistance.

Latex Gloves have many uses in many professions and even at home. Here are a few of the excellent benefits of Latex Gloves;

  • FDAS Approved – Latex Gloves are FDA Approved and have long been in the medical field. They provide protection against bloodborne pathogens, harmful chemicals as well as many other contaminants.
  • Better Fit – The Latex Glove offers a much closer and more snug fit than their nitrile or vinyl counterparts. This means that there is less wrinkling around your fingers and wrists, so you can feel what you are doing almost as if it was your bare hands.
  • Better Puncture Protection – Thin, yet still durable, latex gloves will rather stretch than break, making them ideal for working with chemicals or sharp objects.
  • Size and Thickness Availability – Most Latex Glove brands offer different size options, and some brands are thicker than others. A thicker Latex Glove is ideal for working with harsh chemicals, whereas a thinner option is more ideal for finer work such as tending to patients.
  • Versatility – Besides Medical use and working with chemicals, Latex gloves can be used in the kitchen for protection, for coloring or perming hair, or for performing first aid tasks at home or schools and other organizations.

Powder or Powder Free Latex Gloves?

When it comes to Latex Gloves, you will see that there is usually one of two predominant options, which is a POWDERED or NON-POWDERED latex glove.

Here are some differences between the two;

  • Powdered Latex Gloves> – Powdered Latex Gloves have a powdery substance on them that allows them to be easily slipped on and off and not to stick to your hands. This is ideal for individuals who need to put gloves on and off of their hands regularly. The powder used is usually natural cornstarch, which is non-irritation, hypoallergenic. Powdered gloves are also less likely to tearing or breaking than their non-powdered option.
  • Powder-Free Latex Gloves – Powder Free latex gloves have become much more popular after the FDA ban in the medical industry, and they are also more popular in the food industry. The main benefit of a Powder Free Latex Glove is that it will not leave any messy residues on food or medical equipment. Today new technology Latex gloves that are Powder-Free are just as easy to put on and off as their older Powdered Version.

Features of a Good Latex Glove

  • Made from Pure Latex material.
  • Powder or powder Free Options.
  • Size Options to choose from.
  • Lightweight or thicker Latex Glove Options.
  • Textured fingers for better grip.
  • Different colors such as blue, clear, or black to choose from.
  • It comes in a box of usually 100 single-use Latex Gloves.

Reviews: The Best Latex Glove Brands and Models

Here are the top rated brands in Latex Gloves with their favorite models;


The Curad Gloves is one size fits most latex glove brand that comes in a handy pack of 100 Gloves.

  • Comfortable wear design.
  • It comes in a pack of 100 Gloves.
  • It is made from pure grade Latex.
  • Single-use only design in one size fits most options.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Puncture Resistant25%100
Total Score100%96.75


The Vivid Natural Latex Glove is powder-free Latex Examine Gloves that are ideal for medical use.

  • Food safe and ideal for medical use, hygiene, or pet care uses.
  • It is made from high-quality medical-grade Latex that offers full protection against liquids.
  • High-quality glove and design for added protection.
  • Avaialble in different size slecetions.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Puncture Resistant25%100
Total Score100%95.75


From Dynarex, we have the Safe Touch model Latex Gloves that come in a set of 100, and that is Powder Free.

  • Powder-Free medical Latex Gloves are available in a box of 100 pieces.
  • One single-use only design and available in size options.
  • Durable and completely liquid-proof protection.
  • These gloves are likewise ambidextrous.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Puncture Resistant25%100
Total Score100%94.5


The Microflex is a very flexible Latex Glove that offers a textured and comfortable grip.

  • Large-sized genuine latex gloves.
  • Non-Sterile Gloves that are powdered.
  • It comes in a box on 100 gloves for single use only.
  • The fingers are textured to allow you a much better grip and a non-slip solution.


The Dealmed Disposable Latex Gloves are the Ultimate hand protection and hygiene solution for many occasions and uses.

  • High-quality Multi-Purpose glove design, with so many useful options.
  • Hygenic and made from genuine latex from rubber.
  • Available in different size options to choose from.
  • Very comfortable and flexible design with increased stretchability.


The Diamond Grip Heavy Duty Latex glove is tough and protective with a much thicker consistency.

  • Thicker Fingers for Heavy-duty use.
  • It comes in a set of 100 gloves which is quite ideal.
  • There are different size selections available.
  • Textured Fingers for better grip allow you to handle slippery objects easily.
  • Soft and comfortable materials and a comfortable fit.


  • The gloves come in different size options for the right fit for yourself.
  • They come in a set of 100, which is ideal for frequent use gloves.
  • The Latex gloves are powder-free and durable.
  • They are non-sterile, however, but have many other uses.


  • The gloves are examination gloves with versatile uses.
  • They are heavy duty and durable design.
  • The gloves are powder-free and very versatile.
  • Available in various size options so that you can get the perfect fit.


  • Very durable examination gloves that are versatile uses.
  • Pure latex and powder-free.
  • They come in a set of 300, which is quite ideal if you need large amounts of latex gloves.
  • There are more size options so you can get a comfortable fit.


  • These latex gloves are ideally suited for cleaning purposes.
  • They are durable and heavy-duty.
  • The gloves are powder-free and will not irritate your hands.
  • There are also more sizes available from which you can select as needed.

Index Table: Top Rated Latex Glove Brands

1Curad Unisex CUR4125R - Latex Gloves
  • Powder Free
  • Single Use
2Vivid Unisex Natural Touch - Latex Gloves
  • Food Safe
  • Powder Free
  • Versatile
3Dynarex Unisex Safe-Touch - Exam Latex Gloves
  • Textured
  • Medical
  • Powder-Free
Dynarex 94.5
4Microflex Unisex Disposable - Textured Latex Gloves
  • Textured
  • High Grip
  • Non-Sterile
5Dealmed Unisex Exam - Latex Gloves
  • Powder Free
  • Medical
  • Large Size
6Diamond Grip Unisex Microflex - Latex Gloves
  • Textured Grip
  • Soft and Comfortable
Diamond Grip97
7Safeguard Unisex Powder Free - Latex Gloves
  • Durable
  • 100 Set
  • Powder Free
8Medpride Unisex Examination - heavy Duty Latex Gloves
  • Examination Gloves
  • Heavy Duty
  • Powder Free
9Ultra Flex Unisex Powder Free - Latex Gloves
  • Examination Gloves
  • Powder Free
  • Pure Latex
Ultra Flex97
10Green Direct Unisex Disposable - Latex Gloves
  • Cleaning Gloves
  • Powder Free
  • Durable
Green Direct97.2

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