Shooting Gloves

Shooting gloves come in three categories: hunters, target shooters, and for military or tactical use.

Shooting gloves are a must for both hunters and target shooters.

Shooting gloves do so much more than just protect your hands from impact. They also keep them warm in cold weather and less sweaty in hot weather.

In this article, we look at some of the best available shooting gloves for a variety of purposes;

Reviews: The Best Shooting Gloves

Below are our top choices in the best gloves for shooting targets, Hunting, and Military use;
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  • The mechanic Wear Speciality Gloves are tactical multipurpose shooting gloves.
  • They are lightweight mesh that allows for proper ventilation.
  • There are anatomical stitch darts that conform to the natural curvatures of your hands for a more precision-like fit.
  • The gloves have 0.6mm high dexterity palms with ventilation holes for breathability,
  • They are also machine washable.


Magpul® Unisex Technical Tactical Shooting Gloves

  • The Magpull gloves are ideal for shooting with a technical design.
  • They are incredibly lightweight and offer excellent abrasion protection.
  • The shooting gloves have suede palms and suede-backed thumbs for durability.
  • The compression-molded neoprene cuffs offer a more snug and comfortable fit.
  • Furthermore, they are available in a few more neutral color options.


Sitka® Unisex Optifade Gloves for Hunting Shooting

  • From Sitka, we have the Fanatic Whitetail Opti fade Elevated Camo Hunting gloves.
  • These gloves are designed specifically for shooting when hunting.
  • The hunting gloves have a durable four-way stretch polyester design and are half-finger gloves for better accuracy.
  • They have Gore Opti fade Concealment elevated technology to confuse the vision of deer.


PIG® Unisex Full Dexterity Shooting Gloves

  • The PIG Full Dexterity shooting gloves are the ideal tactical gloves.
  • The gloves offer maximum agility and give you a barehand shooting feel.
  • You can efficiently operate a touchscreen, as the gloves are touchscreen-compatible.
  • They offer a comfortable and snug fit with very durable materials.


Freetoo® Unisex Touch Screen Gloves for Shooting

  • The Freetoo shooting gloves are our favorite touchscreen-compatible shooting gloves.
  • The gloves offer full talent and have an SBR Neoprene and microfiber cloth construction for durability and breathability.
  • You can freely operate your phone or a mobile device with these gloves.
  • They are also guaranteed to provide an anti-slip full grip.


Hycoprot® Unisex Fingerless Tactical Shooting Gloves

  • From Hycorprot, we have Fingerless tactical gloves for shooting.
  • His fingerless design gives you more control over proper operations and smaller mechanical devices.
  • The gloves are knitted nylon with EVA cushioning knuckles for protection,
  • They are multi-functional tactical and outdoor wear gloves.
  • The gives are incredibly durable and dexterous.

Getting a Proper Fit

First, when investing in a shooting glove, you must ensure they fit correctly.

You want a snug fit that will not slip off or cause friction because it is too loose. You also do not want a glove that is so tight that it impedes hand function and movement or causes pain and discomfort.
Most shooting glove options will have measuring charts and sizes. Please compare your hand measurements to those of the specific size to get the perfect fit.

Considerations for Shooting Gloves

Before you can choose a pair of shooting gloves, there are a few things you need to reflect on to make sure you get the right gloves for their purpose;

  • Are they for Competition Shooting – There is quite a big difference between shooting gloves for shooting a few bottles with your friends and actual competition shooting. For casual shooting, you can generally opt for a less expensive regular shooting glove, while for competition shooting, you need more protective, quality, and enhanced features. Shooting gloves are an integral part of a shooter’s gear for competitions. Shooting gives competitions more tactical features with larger padded gloves for heavier handguns and thinner gloves with more talent for shooting rifles at longer ranges. Fingerless gloves also work well, although they have padding with repetitive shooting.
  • Full Finger or Fingerless Gloves? – Again, we get to the full finger or fingerless shooting glove option. Shooting rifles, handguns, and even Airsoft or pellet rifles require the shooter to easily manipulate many small mechanical devices such as bolts, slides, releases, and triggers. Thus, many shooters turn to fingerless gloves that give a better feel. However, fingerless gloves. Most fingerless gloves still protect the palms and knuckles from impact, with the cropped-off fingers ideal for operating where fine motor control is needed. So, if you need to manipulate or operate many small devices, and cold weather is not a factor, by all means, opt for fingerless gloves. Full-finger-finger gloves, however, are ideal for colder weather and provide more finger protection when you handle larger ammunition with more minor small parts. They are your best option.
  • Are They for Hunting, Competition Shooting, or Both – Many hunters spend plenty of time at shooting ranges, and some even participate in competition shooting. So you want a shooting glove that does not compromise on utility and is still high quality. For this approach, you must avoid heavily padded military or insulated gloves for cold weather. Opt for more dexterous designs that offer excellent grip and palm traction, with just enough protection against recoil and impact.
  • Shooting Gloves for Hunting – Hunters require an all-in-one shooting glove. Their gloves must be dexterous, keep them warm in cold weather, and protect them against recoil and impact. Hunters should avoid heavily padded and tactical gloves, as they can feel heavy and clumsy on their hands.
  • Must They be Touchscreen Compatible – If you want to stay in touch with family and friends in the field or range, you need to consider gloves that are touchscreen compatible. Gloves with special electric conductivity pads in the fingertips or fingerless designs allow you to operate a touch screen efficiently.

Features of a Good Shooting Glove


  • Materials – Nylon, polymer, or leather are the most popular materials used to construct shooting gloves. However, you will still find tons of different materials available; these, in turn, are the best. The choice of glove materials will come down to your preference and requirements.
  • Padding – Padding is one of the main reasons you may need to invest in shooting gloves. The padding protects your hands against heat, recoil, and cuts that may result from shooting. Padding should be concentrated more in the palm and knuckle area, where most of the impact occurs when shooting.
  • Grip – Accuracy is essential in shooting, and a few millimeters can cause you to miss a shot. Therefore, you need a glove with a proper grip on the palm and tip of the fingers. Leather is also usually a better option, as it offers excellent grip.
  • Climate Control – Ensure the materials used are ideal for the weather. Lighter and breathable materials and stitching offer better cooling technology for summer, while more protective and waterproof materials are ideal for wet and cold weather conditions.
  • Comfort and Fit – You will not always be able to remove your gloves after every shot, as it may hamper the fluidity of your movement and can make the whole experience uncomfortable. This is why you need comfortable gloves that you can wear for some time. A snug fit is ideal, as a loose fit will hinder your shot and can become quite uncomfortable.
  • Color and Design – When using gloves for target practice, you can choose any color you favor, as it will not have any effect. When selecting gloves for hunting or military use, color may be more crucial as you need something that blends in with the environment.
  • Flexibility – Ensure that the materials used in your shooting gloves are flexible and allow for some stretch. Leather may take some time to get broken in. Adjustable wrist straps also allow you to get a customized and snug fit in your glove easily.

Index Table: Top Rated Shooting Gloves

1Mechanix Unisex Specaility Vent - Tactical Shooting Gloves
  • Durable
  • Ventilated
  • Machine Washable
2Magpul Unisex Technical - Tactical Shooting Gloves
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Color Options
3Sitka Unisex Optifade - Gloves for Hunting Shooting
  • Camo
  • Hunting Design
  • Lightweight
4PIG Unisex Full Dexterity - Shooting Gloves
  • Tactical
  • Lightweight
  • Snug Fit
5Freetoo Unisex Touch Screen - Gloves for Shooting
  • Touch Screen Compatible
  • Soft
  • Durable
6Hycoprot Unisex Fingerless - Tactical Shooting Gloves
  • Fingerless
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight

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