Best Racquetball Gloves

In any sport having the right equipment with the most up-to-date technologies will increase your performance and provide enhanced comfort and protection.

The same goes for Racquetball players; the perfect gloves can provide comfort, easier movement, protection, and the best grip.

Reviews: The Best Racquetball Gloves

Below you will see some of the top choices in Racquetball Gloves, favored by many top sportsmen and women;
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Reviewed by: John Max Score: 97.5

The Wilson Sting offers you a soft and comfortable sheepskin Racquetball Glove that is also as tough as nails.
  • Made from premium Cabretta Sheepskin leather that is soft and flexible.
  • There is strategically placed dive padding on the glove for added comfort and protection.
  • A no-stress thumb design that prevents bunching.
  • Available only in the black and yellow two-toned color selection.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Injury Resistant25%100
Comfortable Padding10%95
Total Score100%97.5


Gearbox® Unisex Movement Left Hand Racquetball Gloves

The Gearbox Movement Glove is one of the best choices for Raquetball gloves.
  • It comes in an X-Large size for the left hand.
  • It is made from high-quality Pittard Leather with a potted palm to wick away moisture.
  • It offers a comfortable fit in the classic black color.
  • Soft suede leather is around the fingers and Neoprene and spandex finger channels for flexibility and grip.
  • A Micro Pore design helps to keep your grip dry.
  • The extra-length design on the wrist also prevents binding.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Injury Resistant25%100
Comfortable Padding10%95
Total Score100%96.5


Head® Unisex Leather Durable Racquetball Gloves

The HEAD leather racquetball gloves are tough and durable, making for an excellent performance.
  • Available in left and right-hand options.
  • A durable design made from tough synthetic leather that is lightweight and flexible.
  • The silicone webbing fitted across the palm ensure an unmatchable grip.
  • The Cool Tech Spandex is a high-performance spandex fabric that is ventilated for improved circulation and cooling comfort.
  • Added padding on the knuckles for comfort and protection.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Injury Resistant25%95
Comfortable Padding10%95
Total Score100%95.25


ProKennex® Unisex Pure Racquetball Gloves

From ProKennex, we have the Pittard Cabretta Leather and Neoprene Knuckle Raquetball Glove in their Pure range.
  • Black and white color made from premium Pittard’s Quartz Cabretta leather for e better racquet feel.
  • Each finger is engineered and boxed in sheepskin leather and microchannel lycra for a customizable and flexible fit.
  • The Neoprene Knuckle Pads offer extra comfort and protective cushioning.


Python® Unisex Deluxe Premium Racquetball Gloves

The Python Premium racquetball gloves are made from breathable perforated Cabretta Leather with a Grip Strip design.
  • It comes in a Left or Right-hand option to choose from.
  • It is made from durable and perforated Cabretta leather with a Grip Strip Tackified palm for better grip.
  • A high elastomeric back for a better fit and extremely durable construction.
  • The Vylon and Spandex also offer firmer control and a more snug fit in the back.
  • Thin Dive Pads on the Knuckles, Pointer, and middle finger.
  • Available in the Blue and Black color option only.


Bionic® Unisex Men’s Racquetball Gloves

The Bionic Racquetball Glove is designed for men only, with Goatskin leather and sweat absorbing Terry Cloth mini towels inside.
  • Designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon for the best grip, moisture control, and durability.
  • It is made from Washable Goatskin Leather for better grip and durability with a more flexible and padded design that protects your knuckles and wrists.
  • An Anatomical pad system evens out the surface of your hands for a lighter and more secure grip and better racquet control.
  • There are eleven terry cloth mini towels inside the gloves to absorb moisture and keep your hand dry.
  • The form-fitting terry cloth wrist band also absorbs sweat and provides excellent wrist support.


Head® Unisex Airflow Tour Racquetball Gloves

  • The Gloves ate a premium design with perforated Cabretta leather palms.
  • Airprene is used for better knuckle protection and ventilation,
  • There is a nylon mesh Lycra backing for better airflow.
  • It is a left and right-handed gloves available.


Wilson® Unisex Sting Racquetball Gloves

  • The gloves consist of Cabretta sheepskin leather that has a soft feel.
  • There is strategically placed dive padding to protect your hands and the glove.
  • A no-stress set in thumb design helps to prevent bunching.
  • This is a right-hand glove, and more sizes are available.


HEAD® Unisex Leather Racquetball Gloves

  • Offers unmatched grip with the tack infused into the leather for racket grip.
  • The palms are premium leather, Pittard’s leather, and very grippy.
  • The Ultra-light DuraMesh allows for better ventilation.
  • Airprene is used for knuckle protection and ventilation.


Wilson® Women's Clutch Small Right Hand Racquet Ball Glove

  • Leather palm glove.
  • The glove has a proprietary sticky skin treatment for better grip.
  • It offers a comfortable right-hand fit in a small size,
  • The design is sleek with red and black patterns.

Why Do Racquetball Players Require a Glove

A good racquetball Glove can highly increase your grip, control, and precision while keeping your hands and wrist protected and comfortable;

  • Moisture Control – Gloves can help prevent slippage caused by perspiration on your hands and keep your hands dry and cool with breathable and moisture-wicking materials.
  • Friction – Friction from the racquet against your hands along with sweat is a sure recipe for chafing and painful blisters. A good pair of gloves reduces friction and moisture to prevent blisters and chafing.
  • Improved Sensory Function – Most Racquetball players prefer not using a glove because they feel that it gives a lack of feel for the racquet and ball. However, some Gloves feel and fit like a second skin with improved technology today and give you a much better sensory experience, almost like playing bare hands.
  • Better Control – You will never have to rely on your hands to be the reason that a shot may not go your way. A good pair of gloves can give you much better control over your racquet, preventing it from slipping when you are swinging with considerable force.
  • Wrist Protection – Because racquetball requires fast and hard snapping motions of the wrist, your risk of a wrist injury may be quite high; therefore, protective and stabilizing writs on your glove can aid in protecting your wrist from injury while still allowing flexible movement.

What Makes a Good Racquetball Glove

Here are a few things to look for in a good racquetball glove;

  • Padding – padding on the right areas of the glove can provide impact protection yet should not limit movement.
  • Durability – leather and Sheepskin leather is a prevalent and highly durable choice in racquetball gloves, yet a bit expensive. However, more expensive usually means better quality and long-lasting durability.
  • Materails – Sheep or goatskin leather is the most popular, although synthetic materials are deemed almost as good. You want flexible and comfortable materials that breathe easily and feel like a second skin.
  • Grip – Tackified leather offers a firmer grip, and synthetic leather also provides an excellent grip.
  • Fit – The fit needs to be very snug, yet not as much as to cause circulatory issues.
  • Breathability and Absorption – As heat and sweat are two main issues with racquetball players, breathable design with moisture-wicking materials and linings is crucial to keep your hands dry and cool.

Features of a Good Racquetball Glove

  • Sheep or Goatskin Cbareeta or Pittard leather.
  • Perforations or mesh inserts for breathability.
  • Protective padding.
  • Flexible and soft against the skin.
  • Moisture-wicking linings.
  • A secure wrist band and closure.

Index Table: Top Rated Racquetball Gloves

1Wilson Sting Unisex Premium - Racquetball Gloves
  • Sheepskin
  • Dive Padding
Wilson Sting97.5
2Gearbox Unisex Movement - Left Hand Racquetball Gloves
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Pittard leather
  • Pitted Palm
3Head Unisex Leather - Durable Racquetball Gloves
  • High Silicone Grip
  • Durable
  • Knuckle Protection
4ProKennex Unisex Pure - Racquetball Gloves
  • Pittard Cabretta Leather
  • Flexible Fit
  • Neoprene Knuckle Pads
5Python Unisex Deluxe - Premium Racquetball Gloves
  • Perforated Cabretta Leather
  • Grip Strip
  • Breathable
  • Sweat Resistant
6Bionic Unisex Men’s - Racquetball Gloves
  • Washable
  • Goatskin
  • anatomical Pad System
7Head Unisex Airflow - Tour Racquetball Gloves
  • Durable
  • Premium Leather Palms
  • Ventilated
8Wilson Unisex Sting - Racquetball Gloves
  • Leather
  • Right hand Fit
  • Durable
9HEAD Unisex Leather - Racquetball Gloves
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
10Wilson Women's Clutch - Small Right Hand Racquet Ball Glove
  • Sticky Skin Treated
  • Durable
  • Comfortable Fit

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